Forget me nots, for you dear reader. Or why we vanish.


Dear Reader,

Maybe you’re not there anymore. I’m sorry I’ve been gone. It’s been so long that I don’t know what to say.

But let me start with this. I haven’t forgotten about you, and I haven’t ever given up on this project.

But I needed to go away for a while, to be entirely selfish. And there’s no beautiful way to put that except that while I was gone, I did see beautiful things. And tried them, and tasted them and ran after them. I counted stars and saw heartbreak in nature and stood at the barre of a ballet studio watching my childhood dreams break and rebuild themselves again.

I tasted tea with flower petals swirling in it, saw crumbling temples and mountains that I’ll never climb. I’ve been reading bad poetry and gripping window panes.

And I visited a ton of coffee shops.

I smoked and sang and danced and missed you.

What I’m saying is I’m coming back, and a little bit at a time, I’ll open up again. So here’s to disappearing into dark street corners wearing your best heels and hoping for a good night. If you know why I disappeared to Paris, gathered stories and came back I’m hoping you’ll understand it was the same this time, and always will be.



Screen Shot 2016-02-23 at 4.33.04 PM
you are a story.

PS- I’ll try to be posting at least once a week from now on. Stay tuned for more Parisian stories, and how I will dance again.


Pleats and Keats




4 thoughts on “Forget me nots, for you dear reader. Or why we vanish.”

  1. Tea with flower petals sounds delightful. Taking time for yourself is so important – not to mention, going to coffee shops is always a wonderful idea. I look forward to reading your stories in Paris x

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  2. I’ve noticed then whenever love and life has broken me, as I put myself back together I am often missing pieces or have put them in the wrong place. Even afte I am completely reassembled, it take some time to adjust so that everything clicks and then fill the holes of my self with new, great passions. Do your best, do it for you, and the world will love you for it.

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