The darkness we will share : prologue

A hundred black roses were lined up in a hundred glass vases underneath the large window, displaying a cascading and snowy world that clashed with one hundred shadowed, petalled silhouettes. Each thorn, save one, had been meticulously sliced off each of the dyed stems. She knew he did that by hand for her, to remind her that the dark ones were like these flowers. Singular, lovely, dangerous. How many nights had their trainings ended with that harsh reminder, a haunting and longing whisper breathed into her hair.

Each blackened bloom had also been dipped in dreamer’s bottles, she knew, for their subtle scents evoked memories, each one sung into the dream-mixer’s potion by him before the flowers would steep in a hundred stories.

Katana plucked one perfect, inky rose from the neck of its translucent container and stared at it before tearing off several midnight petals and crushing them between her fingertips. She could feel her eyelids trembling as the memory spilled over her. She felt his gaze on her hands again, the smell of his hands shaking leather bags filled with coins and her burning wrists when the magic went too far.

She revelled in that instant, the seconds she allowed herself to enjoy the dark velvet and pulpy mess to smear in her hands before she knew she would venture out into the crystal and blinding white-tinged cold, into a mysterious place which may or may not hold the answers she desired. Glancing at the moss covered grandfather clock that to the hour had marked every second of her life, Katana wiped her darkened hands on the velvet robe she had left in a softly folded puddle on the stone floors of her chamber, allowed herself one last look at her mentor’s dark gift, and pushed against the iced winds, opening the door and gasped in the waiting snow.

She knew that she could leave him to die and no one would blame her for doing so. One hundred questions echoed in the empty room she left behind, the loudest one asking again and again, “how, how. how.”

9 thoughts on “The darkness we will share : prologue”

    1. Hi Katie! How are you? Thank you so much. I’m struggling to get into the habit of writing again everyday, and finish this novel. We’ll see- please let me know if you have any critiques- I’m so critical of my own writing and I know it needs improvement.

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    1. Thank you so much. You don’t know how much that means to me! I’ve been trying to get back into writing and this is the first part of a novel I’m planning. It’s a passion project but I’m always so afraid of putting pen to paper, so your comment really means the world to me.

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      1. It’s interesting you say that. I was having a talk with my wife in a supermarket about Harry Potter when when we were talking of Boggarts, which led to talking about fears in life. I mentioned how when I was a kid I was afraid of the ocean, and then when I learned to swim – I loved it. I had a laundry list of fears and dislikes that once I embraced them, became small passions. The long version of this story is for another time, but I think you get the jist. Getting started is the hardest part of anything, but if you just make yourself do it -based on the little of your writing I’ve seen- you will be successful =) go for it!

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      2. I completely agree about facing your fears. I’ve tried taking it one step and a time but writing is exhausting. I’m one of those edit as you go people and it takes so long to churn out a paragraph, and I also have trouble with plot…

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      3. A creator will see their work that others view as a ‘masterpiece’ as a ‘work in progress’, but you have to power through. I’ve been giving myself deadlines, small steps to ‘finish editing chapter 4’. Every writer goes through it, find your system and you will make it happen!

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