Forget me nots, for you dear reader. Or why we vanish.


Dear Reader,

Maybe you’re not there anymore. I’m sorry I’ve been gone. It’s been so long that I don’t know what to say.

But let me start with this. I haven’t forgotten about you, and I haven’t ever given up on this project. Continue reading “Forget me nots, for you dear reader. Or why we vanish.”

How to boost your confidence in 10 steps for writers

writing tips

Embrace your inner artist and develop writer’s self esteem! It’s an important part of being a confident creative!writing tips
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The King & the Bird, or the first time you held me in Paris



The apartment was blue, and it wasn’t cold. Moving pictures, paper princesses flashed across the screen, and I watched from behind your tousled brown hair, as the strands tickled the tip of my nose.

I was in a typical Parisian apartment, and by that I mean it was filled with unanswered questions, unexplored corners, cigarette smoke and no pressing need to change any of that. Continue reading “The King & the Bird, or the first time you held me in Paris”

Homeless in Paris

Paris, France and the Eiffel tower

The door snapped shut. Oh god, I had just gotten fired from being a nanny in Paris. In French it’s ‘au pair’, in English: slavery.

But she’s especially blue when there’s a sheet of rain covering the cigarette smoke and charming cafés.o
The view from an apartment I didn’t know existed yet. Paris, France

Oh shit, the door is closed. I had five euros in my clenched fist and the family had sent me on my way. “Here’s five euros for the train.” Well merci. 

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Live your life like the heroine (or hero) you are

live like a heroine
live like a heroine
“I am not ashamed of who I am, or what I’ve done.” Anna Karenina.

There are a couple of things I’ve accepted.

1. There is a permeable link between the literary world and our own physical one.

wait, what?

Imagination and inspiration are part of our everyday existence. Your life is a story, so write it how you want. Now, literature is life distilled.  Snapshots of human emotions and triumphs tied together. Your life, all of your crazy adventures, have the same magical, narrative quality. Continue reading “Live your life like the heroine (or hero) you are”